U.S. Navy SEALs: The Mission to Kill Osama bin Laden (Military Power)

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His beard was short and grey.

Navy Seal who allegedly shot Bin Laden says US military has abandoned him

I shot him in the head twice as he was standing up and then once more on the ground. O'Neill seems to consider it fairly random that he was the one who got shot, arguing it just worked out that way.

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He constantly attributes success to the team and not any one individual. The crew subsequently scrambled to collect as many items as they could to be later used as intelligence. A separate SEAL team arrived shortly after to pick them up and leave the area. I was thinking, if we don't get shot down, we live.

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No one was saying anything," O'Neill said. A friend of O'Neill's, part of a different squadron, told O'Neill on the helicopter after hearing that he got the shot that his family thanks him. O'Neill eventually arrived back in Virginia to applause from fellow SEAL members, although he was, at least originally, trying to keep the situation, more specifically the identity of who took out the terrorist leader, as hush as possible. O'Neill retired from the military in after 16 years of service in four different war zones.

In all, he received official accolades 52 times.

Geronimo Raid: Navy SEALs Who Killed Bin Laden

He currently works as a leader of a foundation, Your Grateful Nation , that works to help veterans of special operations forces transition into civilian life -- something he seems to have done very well, as he also gives motivational speeches. When asked if he's worried about being known as the specific man who took down the leader of a huge, violent movement, he simply said "no.

But after seeing it, there's a realization that life is very fragile," said O'Neill.

Water boarding was once used as a training technique

I don't wish war on anybody. Robert O'Neill, ex-Navy Seal. Date: Nov.

Seal Team Six Member Killed in Afghanistan Rescue Operation

After turning the corner, bin Laden appeared. Update: Sheriff: 8-year-old boy found dead Thursday left school sick that morning. Update: School identifies Dade County student killed in crash Thursday.

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  • Getting Bin Laden.
  • He had previously been interviewed anonymously in an Esquire magazine article in February Rear Admiral Brian Losey and Force Master Chief Michael Magaraci issued a public statement, stating that "a critical tenant [ sic ] of our ethos is 'I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions.

    In his book, he does not identify the man who fired the fatal shots at Bin Laden, referring to him as simply the "Point Man". Bissonnette himself admits to firing his weapon at bin Laden after the fatal shots were fired by the "Point Man" when bin Laden was already "in his death throes. He failed a field sobriety test and refused to undergo a breathalyzer test ; he denied being intoxicated, saying that his falling asleep was the result of his taking a prescription sleep aid.

    The Butte-Silver Bow County Attorney's office opted to downgrade charges from driving under the influence to endangerment and defer prosecution for 12 months, agreeing to drop the charges completely so long as O'Neill sought treatment for unspecified medical reasons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    "Rise to the occasion"

    Main article: Death of Osama bin Laden. BBC News. United Kingdom: British Broadcasting Corporation. November 7, USA Today.

    Retrieved November 6, Retrieved The Telegraph. The Daily Mail.


    Fall of a Tyrant The Death of Osama bin Laden

    Retrieved November 9, Naylor, Nov 07, Another ex-commando says he shot bin Laden. Business Insider. Archived from the original on Is Screwed". Esquire Magazine. No Easy Day. Dutton Penguin.