Shelter of Daylight: Autumn 2012

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Be the first to like this. No Downloads. By submitting this form, you are giving your express written consent to receive emails, phone calls, and text messages from Plaza College at the contact information you have provided, potentially generated through automated technology. Consent is not a condition of enrollment, and you are free to reply "STOP" at any time to stop receiving messages. You are welcome to call us instead at The New Year is upon us, and with it comes celebration, of course!

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In preparation for whatever activities you may have planned to ring in the new year this evening, we would like to take the time to write down a couple tips for staying safe from usa. Celebrating is always fun, but we like to ensure the health and happiness of our students, so keep these things in mind when you hit the town tonight with friends or family. Hopefully everyone remembered to set their clocks back one hour on Saturday — if not, today was probably quite the hectic day. The loss of one hour of daylight might leave some of us in a panic, but not to worry!

Is there anything that no longer applies to your current goals?

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Delete it! Are you running through a daily routine that leaves little time for the important things, or even for relaxation? Cut out the negative parts of your day that are unnecessary or unwanted. Take the first step.

Begin every day on a new foot, literally. Take that first step to do something productive in your day, and the rest will follow. Once you get into the motions, it will feel natural and leave you wanting to do more! From fall to winter, nature is resting and awaiting the abundant growth that the summer and spring will bring. Resting is what nature is doing, and resting during the winter is exactly what you should be doing, too!

Take at least 10 minutes a day to yourself to sit back and relax. Use your relaxation time to reflect and prepare for the spring ahead, as well. Keep your lists simple. With the holidays approaching, we can assume that schedules will be overflowing. Compile a master list of your top priorities to help maintain your sanity.

This is an easy way to stay calm, cool and collected in the cool temperatures!

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Our student body is our top priority here at Plaza. So, with this recent tragedy impacting so many of us, our goal is to cater to the needs of our students with steadfastness and pride. In light, do not stress over the missed days of class! Everyone is on the same page as you, and Plaza College professors are going to ensure that each student completes the Fall semester both successfully and on time. Dean Marie Dolla has composed a small list of things to do before returning to classes tomorrow morning.

Review the following list, and getting back into the swing of things will be a breeze. Pull out your class syllabi, and refresh your minds as to where each class currently stands.

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Check in with your professors via email and see if there is anything you can do this week. Keep up with any reading assignments.

As we say on our course outlines, for every one hour of instruction, there should be two hours of homework or studying. A photo of Brooklyn, NY taken today, courtesy of weather. Plaza College has already taken precautions to prepare for this storm by closing campus for Monday, October 29, , as well as Tuesday, October 30, We hope that everyone has prepared, and is continuing to take caution, while we take this storm head on.

Here is some advice for extra steps towards preparation. Gather necessary supplies. Hopefully you have covered this step already, as it is probably best to stay under shelter at this point. Make sure you have all necessary supplies in the case that your home loses power, or the water is shut off. Essential supplies might include bottled water, unrefrigerated foods that do not require heating, flashlights and candles. Board windows and lock the doors.

If you are close to the shore in the tri-state area, you should be advised that the high winds and rough seas are going to be tough to handle.

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Already, severe flooding has been reported along several shore towns. If you are in danger of flooding in your area, it may be necessary for you to board the windows. For those who are taking shelter further inland, you should close and lock all doors and windows in your home. Due to the heavy storms and high winds, it is also important to stay away from the windows as best possible. To avoid further damage outside, anything that can be picked up by the wind should be moved to a secure location. Then from the forking empty branches of a plane tree, A single big green leaf detaches, And twirls unhurried to the pond below; The only beat of time.

And I stand still and have to move Or build a shelter before night falls; And think of long train rides, and rain coming, Slow food and a simple presence, some day. Only these streets are streets, that are not straight and wide; That crawl their bricks over rising roots And bump becalmed against floes of fallen leaves, And go nowhere in particular, lapping along houses.

And on the canal stands the old department store, Its columns lit like a movie theatre; And inside, everyone discovers and re-discovers That the last two thousand years have no effect. Contact, diplomacy, conflict containment; A stranger moves a chair aside for you; Courtesy, amiability, stepping back; Or break the contact, break the evening, break the world. Feeling, looking, weighing words and glances; Words on instinct, movement from your bones Movement from your soul; And once in every thousand beats, that touch. And later, hot against the night wind and the rain, The streets again, fellow human beings, Further, further into night, beneath the moon; To colder lanes and trees and fields.

And halt beneath the moon, in a silver park, Where winter leaves rush, on soaked branches; And the world carries you over the clouds so far below, Adrift on a river of stars and black, earthy water. Alone in the park, where the grass reaches for the passing dew And the trees sleep like dinosaurs; The starlight cuts through to your soul And lets you feel — the real things.