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Meister Rumelant Composer.

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Got in vier elementen, for pipe and tabor Work. Got in vier elementen, for pipe and tabor. Hoxbro ", and many more. Et barn er fodt i Bethlehem. Laus Virginis nati sonat. Using his many faceted musical background, studying medieval sources and in a close co-operation with the instrument makers, Norbert Eckermann Austria and Mark Binns Australia , he has succeeded in creating a playing style, a sound and a refined music making which is considered a unique and pioneering work in this field.

Sequentia ensemble biography English. The effects are the perfect way to complete your sound, in the box. JG Ballard's sci-fi epic, "High-Rise", prediction of humans colonizing the sky has come to fruition. As people cram into big cities there is no way to go but UP!

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With all the convinces right there, things get strange as privacy turns into isolation from society, and ultimately themselves. Jack Hertz takes a sonic look at the new standard of living for the fewture. Elite climbers move to the bottom of the top where masks of civilized manners come off in a bizarre world of elite tastes and strange indulgence created by architects of forgotten dreams.

Starts shipping late Sep Dronesmuir a portmanteau of the words Dunsmuir and Drone is the second of a series of music concerts planned by Silent Records for Jack Hertz promises to enthrall the audience with realtime processing via synthesizers of small handmade instruments.

Mark Schlipper plays guitar in the Seattle drone-doom band The Luna Moth and will perform a solo guitar drone set. In addition, Jack Hertz will be speaking with music students at College of the Siskiyous at noon on Friday, October The Wheelhouse will have food and beverages available for purchase, and Silent Records will have a merchandise table stocked with releases by these artists and many rarities from the Silent Records vault.

Sound by China Cat Sound About the artists: Jack Hertz Inspired by the mystery of life, Jack Hertz manipulates sound to create intangible techno- oganic impressions between music and noise. Jack has been composing and recording music for more than 30 years.

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More on his work can be found at JackHertz. Stuart studied composition with Richard Karpen, William O. Smith and Kenneth Benshoof. Current investigations deal with composition vs. More information on his work can be found at stuartmcleod. This led me to explore the element of drone more fully in my solo work—taking those things that were background or accent, and making them the focus.

Ideally creating a sound that is a physical presence in the room and in the head. The S2 Music processor is a digital synthesizer workstation with 6 MB of sampled waveforms as the basis for the oscillators which are processed through two variable filters and a programmable envelope. Excellent condition with box and dust cover, instruction Manuel. Everything is in perfect working order.

Peppered throughout the book are examples of connected imagery from comic books and science fiction illustration. This book was not written for a specific niche. Anyone with a curious mind and interest in musical electronics, experimental music, art, and craft will find a place of connection.

An exclusive flexi-disk phonograph record made of a thin, flexible vinyl sheet is included in the back of the book. The disk includes a song made using all instruments featured in the book, and was specifically recorded for Cyber Folk. This collection of essays has been assembled and developed from papers given at the Ambient 40 International Conference held in February at the University of Huddersfield.

In the context of the conference, ambient was considered from the perspectives of aesthetic, influence, appropriation, process, strategy and activity. A detailed consideration of each of these topics could fill many volumes. With that in mind, this book does not seek to provide an in-depth analysis of each of these topics or a comprehensive history of the last 40 years of ambient music.

Rather it provides a series of provocations, observations and reflections that each open up seams for further discussion. Ambient Listening And Its Questions. Strongly based on the folkloric traditions of his country, and the piano as the main instrument. Vector Synthesis: a Media Archaeological Investigation into Sound-Modulated Light is a computational art project inspired by theories of media archaeology, by the history of computer and video art, and by the use of discarded and obsolete technologies such as the Cathode Ray Tube monitor.

This text explores the military and techno-scientific legacies at the birth of modern computing, and charts attempts by artists of the subsequent two decades to decouple these tools from their destructive origins. Using this history as a basis, I then describe a media archaeological, real time performance system using audio synthesis and vector graphics techniques to investigate direct relationships between sound and image using analog CRT displays.

Key to this system is a didactic, open source approach which encourages reuse and modification by other artists. The conclusion of the book reflects on how the project and the research surrounding it has contributed to the larger experimental audiovisual arts community through events such as the Vector Hack Festival. My compliments to Mr. Hertz for curating such a varied collection of sonic experimentation.

Clearly the influences of Sir Schaeffer are healthy and growing today. A big Bravo to all the talented artists involved in this extraordinary tribute. Pierre Schaeffer has been credited with being the first to formally identify, document, and promote the use of common sounds for new forms of art.


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Read more about Pierre Shaeffer life and work at en. Eloy Fritsch lver posted an album in New Age. Cyberspace is the fourth album of the composer Eloy Fritsch. Nicely layered arrangements float serenely by. The emphasis is on orchestral-sounding synthesizers, with soft atmospheric touches.

A headlong leap into music, history, and composing

Version for men's voices. Starts slow, solemn, moves ahead to final fervent peroration on "I will praise you without ceasing all the days of my life. Formal, serious blessing, ecstatic end, operatic solo part. Slow, sweet, lyrical song, sincere and touching, with an appealing and natural pentatonic tune, unison, then 3-part harmony, then easy canon, with a sweet harmony ending. Idealistic, innocent dream about the future of our suffering world and the hope that our children—and their children—may heal both the Earth and human society and live in peace forever.

Can be learned fairly easily. Valentine's Day version of the Chocolate Carol, more romantic lyrics. A cappella Valentine's Day version of the Chocolate Carol, more romantic lyrics. Ritualized, dramatic dialectic illuminating the paradoxical contradictions of the two sets of Blessings and Woes attributed to the Christ. Formalized semi-medieval quasi-Anglican-style start and end, one angry climax, one romantic climax on the word God.

Punctuations, ostinatos, flashes of divine light from handbells.

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Quiet, slow mystical medieval start and end, fast buildup to quasi-Orthodox climax, gentle denouement like the start. Parts predominant practice MP3s also available. Big bright ending. Shy romantic yearning likened to the cricket's wistful cries.

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Episodic, with appealing madrigalisms, slow haunting end. Pure tonal.

Available in C, B, Bb. Folk-tonal, madrigalistic depiction of the rise, climax, and diedown of a wild bay windstorm at a dramatic turn in a famous American novella. Wind-whistling effect at start.