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When you price your rewards, consider whether backers will be paying an additional fees for shipping, taxes and duties.

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Once you are ready to ship, clear communications with your backers are key. Taxes and duties vary per country, which can make it a bit challenging when trying to figure out your shipping budget. The good news is that there are tools out there to help you estimate these costs. Dangerous goods can be an additional cost for some couriers, so cheaper options may not be available to you.

Also, not all companies have the certifications required to ship these kinds of goods, so this is something you should ask potential couriers when you are getting quotes. Thinking about packaging can be a snoozefest. However, being strategic about it will not only help your product arrive in perfect condition to your backer, but it can also cut costs. Dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying the length, width, and height of a package and dividing it by a cubic divisor.

The smaller, the better!

If you know where the majority of your backers are located, it may make more sense to choose a fulfillment center that is close to your target markets to cut down on shipping costs. Another way to cut warehousing costs? Easyship offers e-Fulfillment services, and only charges for storage and handling- no setup, monthly, or inbound fees. Further, craft still only makes up Get your mind blown on a daily basis:. What countries have the most innovative economies?

In the 21st century, innovation has become the heart and soul of economic policy. Developed and developing nations alike are in the race to leave industrialization behind, adapting instead to technology-focused, entrepreneurial societies. But which countries are consistently innovating the most? Any country reporting in less than six categories was automatically eliminated, leaving 95 countries remaining. Bloomberg publishes the results for the top 60 most innovative economies each year.

The U. Israel moved up five spots to 5th place, while Romania made the largest overall gain, jumping six spots to rank in the top Brazil rejoined the list at number 45, after not being included on the list. The United Arab Emirates made the list for the first time, marking the highest debut ever at number Tunisia and Ukraine were the two countries with the largest losses, which both fell out of the top 50 this year. To date, South Africa is the only Sub-Saharan nation to be ranked in the index.

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Newcomers to the Innovation Index in are some of the largest emerging economies, such as India, Mexico, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia. Email address. Connect with us. Crowdfunding has been a game-changer for getting new products off the ground. Where did some of these projects fall short? What can we learn from them? Related Topics: campaign crowdfunding entrepreneurship funding indiegogo kickstarter. Continue Reading. You may like. Published 2 months ago on August 2, By Katie Jones. All movements start with rebellion, and the craft beer revolution is no different. Which States Bring Home the Beer?

For more, be sure to listen to the full episode of Crowdfunding Uncut. Khierstyn and UJ spend some time on this episode of Crowdfunding Uncut discussing the 1 problem in business - finding good employees. UJ could have never balanced external product launches and daily business operations without solid teammates by his side.

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But finding quality employees is the hardest struggle. He encourages entrepreneurs to prioritize their needs, seek out and hire the best people you can find, and move forward from there. For more of his advice, be sure to catch this episode of Crowdfunding Uncut. Intelligent Change has been met with such great success because of their stellar ways of doing business. Wowing your customers repeatedly within the first days of a launch, gathering and maintaining 1, true fans, and systematizing excellence are all methods that UJ lives by.

He has built a platform that puts innovative products in front of over 25 million people per month, runs an international team remotely, and has some great advice for aspiring crowdfunding professionals.

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What started in as a part-time project quickly grew into a crowdfunding giant that now hosts over 10, products across categories. Gadget Flow is the third largest Indiegogo partner and they have successfully worked with over 6, customers thus far. Evan and his team recognized a niche market need for technology and design products that may not get picked up by large platforms such as Amazon and Etsy. They are able to host a wide spectrum of products and give backers exactly what they need to know tech specs, images, brief descriptions, etc. To hear Evan tell his engaging story, be sure to listen to this episode of Crowdfunding Uncut.

Their 1 red flag?


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The current Gadget Flow team is comprised of 25 people in 8 countries. How does Evan manage to lead such a diverse team?

And why did he choose to pursue remote teamwork rather than a traditional office setting? The answer is found in commute time - he was tired of wasting precious productive hours commuting to and from a physical workspace. He found that highly skilled employees and contractors often do their best work in their own environments. By allowing and even encouraging his team to remain in their hometowns and countries, and utilizing remote work tools such as Slack, Evan created a global team that is passionate about Gadget Flow.

He tackled the issue of creating a strong company culture by implementing weekly video calls with each one of his team members. Few entrepreneurs are as unique, engaging, and great at creative networking as Sol Orwell, founder of nutrition advice empire Examine.

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He is also the creator of websites garnering over , visitors per day and a fanatic chocolate chip cookie enthusiast. On the first official Crowdfunding Uncut episode for , Khierstyn interviews Sol and asks him key questions about his successful empire, why he thought to connect his love of cookies with creative networking events, and his top advice for entrepreneurs who want to do things a little differently. By trusting their niche market and the quality feedback they received over the years, they were able to organically grow into new market segments.

They utilized Google Surveys, one of the most versatile and user-friendly tools on the market, to connect with what their audience was actually looking for. Be sure to listen to this episode for more of his stellar advice. When Sol grew tired of predictable coffee networking meetups, he wanted to create an exciting new way to bring people together. Rather than buying someone a simple cup of coffee, Sol started inviting people to try the "world's best chocolate chip cookie" with him. By simply encouraging people to follow their own unique passions, he has set a new standard for how people develop a comprehensive personal brand - rather than focusing only on one aspect of themselves.


To hear more about CookieLife, how it gives back to communities, and its expansive reach, give this episode a listen. Being an entrepreneur should be about a few key ideas: intentionally create lifestyle freedom, give back while creating an impact, and pair fun with passionate hard work. I know what it feels like to fail at crowdfunding. I also know what questions to ask, and what to do to raise over half a million dollars on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Questions that will get answered on this show: what crowdfunding platform is right for me?

5 Biggest Crowd Funding Scams ( Kickstarter Scams, Indiegogo Scams)

What can I do to have a successful product launch? How can I get backers for my project? What really matters?