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However, in the hands of an energetic and attractive young cast and director Rob Urbinati, the story is painless, and the eventual quadrangular lovemaking session manages to be quite amusing. The four piece onstage band gets to sing throughout the evening and do a little dialogue as they also serve as old school friends, Alvin's fellow moving men, and a Greek chorus. When three are dressed as Santas, one dresses as a bearded Chasid and holds up a menorah.

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It is an off-putting, unfunny notion that hopefully will be excised. Cy Coleman is an idiosyncratic, jazz oriented composer of some of the loosest, swingingest music to be heard in the American musical. He has composed a thoroughly delightful, intoxicating, toe tapping score for I Love My Wife , and it is wonderful to be able to hear it on stage again.

Jazz, honky tonk, barrel house, a cross of Latin dance beat and rock, country, a march, ballads and more, and everyone's a winner. This is a score that really merits revisiting. Alvin and Cleo arrive for dinner and the later foursome on Christmas Eve, but while Monica is initially unhappy with the arrangement, she finally agrees.

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Too excited to eat, they undress and get into bed and take pot to relax. As Wally suggests ideas from a sex manual, the group discards all of the ideas.

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Original director and choreographer Joe Layton was replaced due to injuries sustained in a fall. The band consisted of four on-stage musicians who were among the friends and acted in the opening scene. The show was filled with their shenanigans in the background during the songs. They sang along with some of the numbers and sometimes one of them took a solo and sang alone. Clive Barnes , reviewing for The New York Times wrote that the musical is "bright, inventive, amusing and breezy.

They have taken the band and put it up on stage The musicians are welded into the play, as a kind of Greek chorus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This article is about the musical. For the film, see I Love My Wife film.

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I do miss the glorious Dorothy Chandler Pavillion , which I always felt was the definitive venue, but I adored the David Rockwell -designed set! There was an ice sculpture in the shape of a film projector complete with a flickering light to simulate an actual projector … and somebody even spiked the punch!

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The audience was in a state! There were a total of eleven standing ovations throughout the performance, which I think is a Broadway record I counted ten when Judy Garland played the Palace, but I was on a heavy duty tranquilizer at the time following the death of my beloved Uncle Winston and I may have miscounted. Leading the standing ovations was none-other than Frank Langella , who leapt up so fast at one point I was concerned for his knees!

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I spotted Broadway scene-stealer Rachelle Rak looking as stunning as ever in an outfit that showed off those legendary gams. Public Theater impresario Oskar Eustis looked downright presidential, hugging just about everyone in the audience. Producer Jeffrey Richards smiled broadly in the back of the house. After the show and all those ovations , I strong-armed my way backstage the security at the Hirschfeld is tighter than LaGuardia to witness a post-show celebration with the cast and crew, where the champagne was flowing like water … and the tears were flowing like champagne!

This show reopens every month, but I never get sick of attending the parties.

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