Employee Engagement and the Failure of Leadership

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Internal competition leads to fiefdoms, tears down teamwork, and leads to disengaged employees.

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Efficiency or Effectiveness. Do you know the difference? Focusing only on efficiency can mean missing opportunities to stretch the business horizon through outside the box thinking.

Do you cultivate collaboration so that teamwork can flourish? Remember, all behaviors in an organization, whether functional or dysfunctional, start with the management team. Servant Leadership. Does your management team see themselves as servants of the employees or do they see themselves as worthy of being served? Servant Leadership in practice provides the simple power to motivate and engage your employees.


Giving Employees Space to Fail

Continuous Improvement. Do employees readily provide suggestions to improve the business? Is criticism stifled from flowing up the organizational structure? If so, then the organization suffers from a culture of fear which is the antithesis of employee engagement.

Recharging Employee Engagement Through Leadership Engagement

Continually update employees on actions taken based on survey results so they see the follow-up. Post A Comment. Subscribe to The QWork Future! Want a dose of awesomeness sent straight to your inbox?

Article: Employee Engagement- A leadership commitment — People Matters

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11 Things Leaders Say to Drive Engagement

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Our semi-annual employer survey with SHRM regularly shows that the exit interview is the second most common way companies survey employee engagement. Is the implication that I was expendable, but heaven forbid anyone else ever fall victim to a bad manager and lack of recognition?

Illustration by istockphoto. Take, for example, this story from Lead Change Group of an employee disgruntled by a poorly executed survey : They did ask some good questions and we shared how to make things better, but they ignored all those issues, and made us spend extra time on task forces to address cosmetics and desk arrangements.

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