Designed For Perfection (The Designers)

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But what can actually be reached is a thought-through design process that can lead us to the development of truly useful products. Have you ever experienced looking back and forth between your mockups and the actual deployed design in production, and asking yourself the question:. So what really happened? The answer is simple.

A Design QA process was robbed of having a seat at the table. Web accessibility has become a fast-growing concern over the past few years for designers, developers, and businesses alike, with no signs of slowing down. This includes individuals who use assistive devices when navigating computers and also those who may be disabled in other capacities as well. By mindfully designing for these individuals, you will be able to deliver a far better product to all of your prospective and existing users.

Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes that designers tend to fall victim to that harm the accessibility of their sites. Luckily these can be fixed with some tips, tricks, and effort.

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